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Cooperstown's Comfort Woods
"New Developments"

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This year we went independent, avoiding the 20% commision customers
pay when they usually book guest houses. Since most of our business last year came from our own contacts and not from booking agents, it was a good decision. This will allow us to provide more features and improvements to A Comfort Woods Guesthouse.


Some of the projects we have completed this past year:
to make your next stay with us more enjoyable-- and more comfy.

We completed the second bathroom, so now we have 2.5 baths:
1. the original bath with large enclosed glass shower and seperate bath tub. and
2. the new bathroom off the East Wing which allows that part of the house to be
completely separate if you wish. This includes shower, sink, toilet and extra storage space.


We completed the barn and shed at the far end of the property, near the soccer field.
1. This makes the views from the deck more enjoyable and pleasant.
2. It aslo makes your walks to and from the soccer field more enjoyable.
3. It provides a place to store the boats if you care to enjoy them and the lake while you are visiting.


We also added a volleyball net and ball to the games options at the soccer field.
1. So you can enjoy a game of soccer, some softball and now volleyball.
2. Just tell us ahead of time whether you want to use the baseball, soccer, or volleyball equipment
and we'll have it ready for you.


We completed marking and blazing the access paths to the main trail leading to the waterfalls.
1. Our next step to be finished very soon is a sketch map of the trails for your next waterfall visit.


We finished the floor in the basement so that now we have a solid, easy to use area for the
laundry- drying room. This will make wash days and rainy days more comfy for everyone.


We re-organized the recycling and trash area to make dealing with vacation waste easier,
neater and less comfusing. It is working well now.


We have created some helpful and well defined maps and directions for the main attractions
around the area and this has been very useful for our guests. You will find these in the inner
flap of the guest house 'Guest Book.'



Some of the projects we plan to begin this coming year:
to give you more ways to have fun and unwind when you visit us again.

We plan to create a small pond for cooling off in on hot days at the guesthouse.
1. We'll also have a water slide so you can go from the gazebo right into the water. The pond will be
an important water feature, but much smaller "Our Large Pond" 3 minutes away, and right outside your door.

We also plan to build a new stone fireplace so that you can enjoy comfy, cozy evenings by the hearth
during the chill time of the year.
1. We hope to have the fireplace ready by Fall of 2010.

We will be offering some choices in the "Welcome Basket" from visual to tasty to luxury.
You will have some say in the basket you want when you arrive.


Original Bathroom View

New Bathroom off East Wing



Waterfall View off New Trail Access

Rock from New Trail Access

Lake: 3 minutes away. Our large pond

Planning New Fireplace Install